Don't Forget to Breathe (3796C)

Members—Anna Hughey, Emily Henninger, Riley Gleaton, Nitya Harikumar, Yani Devoe, Alisa Praserthpon

Alumni—Jordan Hule, Lara Chunko

Don’t Forget to Breathe is Mann Robotics’ all-girls team, founded in the 2016-2017 season, StarStruck. Like 3796B, they qualified for the state tournament in their first year. Their speciality is their documentation, and this earned them both a Design and Excellence Award at Qualifying Tournaments in Turning Point, earning their spot at the state tournament.

At the State Tournament, the won the Design Award, becoming the first team in Mann Robotics to qualify and compete at VEX Worlds, in Louisville, Kentucky. They worked hard to prepare, and did moderately well. But their unique approach to the design process and excellent documentation awarded them the Innovate Award in their Division. Only 5 other teams out of the entire 580 teams at VEX Worlds won a similar award.

Their first Turning Point competition will be the Mann Robotics Fall Qualifier on November 17th, 2018